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Smart Door Lock S2


Technology and Art
iF International Gold Award Team 2020 New Work


Fierce Black Gold Battlegear, Tough And Fearless


Cool Black Tempered Armor

Highly tempered glass to prevent violent disassembly


Armor Gold Solid Handle

Real gold plating integrated into armor elements,
edges and corners are looming


Smart Lock Cylinder Watershed Of High-End Smart door Locks

The key to an advanced smart fingerprint lock is the lock cylinder. ORVIBO S2 selects the Auto smart lock cylinder integrated with electromechanics to ensure home safety from the inside to the outside. A good lock cylinder is the core of safety.


Dual-Core Operation, Double Security


Built-in 8 Kinds Of Sensors

In order to achieve a full range of defensive effects, the S2 door lock is equipped with a total of 8 sets of sensors,
which can accurately sense the state of the door lock. When the door lock is abnormal, it will feedback immediately and be optimistic about the door at all times.


Find Abnormalities And Respond Immediately


Adopt A New Generation Of Ulpc™ Technology
To Add Another Full Year Of Battery Life

Adopting a new generation of Ultra Low Power Consumption™, the function becomes stronger and the power consumption is reduced. It also expanded the capacity of the power storage warehouse, breaking through the 18-month power replacement dilemma in the door lock industry, with a battery life of up to two and a half years. Not afraid of the short battery life of the door lock, but the battery is not durable.


German Pure Copper C-Class Lock Cylinder
Bank-level Security Protection

The German anti-drilling C-grade pure copper lock cylinder with built-in key unlocking sensor is
matched with austenitic 304 stainless steel lock body to achieve bank-level anti-riot and anti-
pry functions.


Encrypted Main Control Processor, Fingerprint Unlocking Is Safe And Fast

It adopts mature semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology, selects Swedish FPC fingerprint chip with 2020 new AI algorithm, and uses asymmetric encrypted communication processing to lock the primary line of defense for door lock security.


6 Ways To Open The Door For The Whole Family


0.8S Fast Internet Access, Unlike Wi-Fi Smart Door Locks

Door lock with Wi-Fi = slow? nonexistent. Oribo Black Warrior upgraded Wi-Fi networking technology,
which can wake up and connect to the network within 0.8S to achieve data communication.


Passed 50+ professional quality control tests

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