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Smart Door Lock C1


Keep Your Home Safe

NFC unlock

Phone unlock

EMP Protect technology

Aviation-grade material

Smarter and safer

Financial-grade encryption chip

Defend data security

Network anti-theft alarm

Timely feedback

WiFi networking

No gateway required

AI fingerprint recognition

Convenient and safe

Six ways to unlock

More practical

Full house intelligent linkage

Open the door and the lights are on


Phone NFC Unlock

Support mobile phone unlock,

Suitable for company, community and home.


EMP Protect Technology

The EMP protect technology is used to shield electromagnetic interference to
prevent the door lock from being opened abnormally.


Financial-Grade Encryption Chip
To Defend Data Security

It is equipped with the Swiss main control chip STM32, which has strong non-tamperable and non-forgeable security attributes. Each unlocking has an unique key and certificate to ensure the security of communication data.

APP encryption



WiFi Networking
No need to purchase
additional connected devices

Wi-Fi direct connection, only need three steps
to realise remote security alarm.


AI Fingerprint Recognition

The Swiss FPC fingerprint acquisition system is used to
effectively identify the fingerprints of the majority of the age group, and intelligently predict the fingerprint changes without the need for repeated entry. As the frequency of use increases, so does the speed of recognition.


Batteries Last Longer for All Year

Adopting low-power intelligent algorithm, the
battery life is over 400 days, making the protection
more durable.


Full House Intelligent Linkage
Open the door and the lights are on

Connect the door lock through Homemate APP. When the user opens or closes the door, it will automatically link with other smart home devices to achieve the full house linkage in different scene.

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