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MixPad S All-In-One Gateway Panel

All-in-one Panel to Control Smart Devices
And Scenes With New Interaction Way
Smart hub is the gateway of the smart home system, connect multiple devices and build the stable and secure home network.

New Interaction Experience

Mixpad S combines with the 4 interactive ways of button, touch screen, voice and app Control.
MixPad S creates control rules in different distance, such as far, close, middle, etc.

Indoor Short Range
Perfect combination of buttons and touch screen
Customised UED suitable for scenes to create excellent in-wall interaction.
Indoor Middle Distance
Sensitive and precise
voice control
The dual-array microphone and distributed concept enable the voice assistant ready to go at all times. (overseas support Alexa, Google home, Siri voice control)
Outdoor Long Distance
smart home APP
High sensitive voice recognition by powerful
and functional HomeMate Apps.

Super Smart Panel-MixPad S

Based on the powerful operating system , MixPad S enables control of home lighting, curtains, and other
appliances through a variety of ways such as buttons, touch screen, voice, and apps control.


Comprehensive Compatible With Hundreds Of Living Appliances

MixPad S built in three mainstream communication modules by bluetooth, zigbee3.0
and Wi-fi. It supports the access of hundreds of basic smart electrical products, household
appliances, and smart furniture.

Inheriting The Genes Of Technology Aesthetics
Shaping Home Wall Art

Created by the iF Gold Award master design team, MixPad S has won 5 international renowned authoritative design awards. The tough lines outline a minimalist design style and create a brand-new
home technology aesthetics for you.
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