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The Next Generation of Dimmer Switch


New Creative Way
To Play With Switch

1% High-Precision Dimming
Without the Smartphone

Control Anywhere

Four Ways to Control

Change Scene With One Touch

MixDimmer can be a nerve center of all ORVIBO switches, allowing you to control multiple
lights simultaneously by setting a scene. Save your favorites and activate them, so you'll always
have the perfect ambiance for the moment.


More Than a Smart Dimmer Switch

Voice Intercom & Home Broadcast

* Intercom and broadcast features require two or more devices

Timer & Schedule

Set timer, countdown, sunrise and sunset features in the app according to your daily schedule. Set your lights to turn on at sunrise and off at sunset, and adjust automatically as the seasons change.

Vacation Mode

Choose vacation mode when traveling, the lights will be turned on and off randomly, creating the feeling that someone is at home and avoiding the risk of property theft.

Customise Scenes

Feel free to customize the scenes you need via a touchscreen panel, such as going to bed, going home, leaving work, and turning off all the lights.


MixDimmer Smart Dimmer Switch

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