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Giant Eye 2K
Smart Camera S1

2K Ultra HD Image Quality | AI Motion Detection
Motion Tracking and Shooting | Cry Monitoring

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Giant Eyes 2K · New Vision

Not bound by conventions, not with mediocrity, maverick look and feel

Design and strength, make people fall in love with one touch

This is the Giant Eye 2K Smart Camera S1

Adhere to Technology and Aesthetics

Giant Eye Ultra HD High-end PTZ flagship

Up to 3 million pixels, the imaging effect is up to 2K, and the sharpness is MAX! The image rendering is newly upgraded to reduce smear and lag, pr4event important details from being lost, and zoom in is still clear.

Giant Eye AI Smart Eye, Recognize People
and Objects Precise Alarm

Can distinguish the difference between the human body and the monitored objects, while being sensitive to the intrusion status, it is not easy to be affected by mosquitoes, flying ants, wind and grass.

AI Humanoid Detection and Monitoring

Reminders will only be sent when someone

appears on the screen

Big Eyes and Big Field of Vision
No Blind Spots for Monitoring

The camera angle is widened, breaking through the limitation of the rotation angle of the
gimbal itself, and you can see the whole house clearly after one turn.

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Giant Eye Night Vision
Dark Night Image Is Like Daytime

When the ambient light is dark, it automatically cuts into infrared night vision, with super light sensitivity,Shooting dark night, backlight images, can also present high-quality colour light images



F 2.0

Night vision distance

Super photosensitive element

Large aperture

Ordinary Camera Night Vision

Infrared Night Vision

Shimmer Full Colour

* In a low light environment (>0.3Lux), a colour picture is presented

Intelligent Crying Detection
Parent-Child Monitoring Without Anxiety

When the baby sleeps, he can handle the housework with confidence, and he can know the baby's sleeping status at any time without using it to go back to the nursery.

Classification Search, the Truth is Reached

Automatically classify events, understand the situation at a glance when pushing messages, and look back. It can also quickly find the target scene while avoiding the interference of irrelevant information.

Two-way Intercom, Watch and Chat

Supports two-way voice calls, and the screen voice is clear and undisturbed. homesick,
Just "make a call" at home anytime.

One-Click Physical Shielding
To Prevent Privacy Leakage At The Source

When there is no need for camera care, MixPad sleeps with one button, and the lens is flipped

and buried in the fuselage, so you can enjoy the private space with peace of mind.

Multiple cameras fixed-point monitoring
Multi-space distribution guard

MixPad wizard linkage
Voice start switch camera

Collaborative video doorbell

Everything inside and outside the house is

under your control

Smart door lock away from home mode
Start security monitoring when you leave home

5GHz/2.4GHz dual frequency access
Choose on demand, no need to change the network

Free 7-day cloud recording
experience package

Can be placed flat / can be flipped
One key to reverse the screen

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