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Smart PTZ Camera

1080P full HD image quality, 355° panoramic cruise, see more fully and clearly

1080P Full HD Wide Angle | Dual Rotating PTZ | Super Infrared Night Vision Motion Detection Alarm | Two-way Voice Intercom


Double Rotating Platform, Without Monitoring Dead Angle

The dual-rotating pan/tilt design supports flexible rotation of 355° horizontally and 75° vertically;

with a large wide angle of 125°, it can realise horizontal, vertical, and full-view stereo monitoring.


Night Vision With High Video Quality

More powerful infrared processing In order to have a clearer night vision effect, in the dark and

low light environment, you can see every detail you want to see.


Sensitive Motion Detection

When abnormal movement in the home is detected the first time, the camera automatically captures the moving picture and uploads the

video to cloud storage in real time.At the same time, I received an alarm notification on the Smart Home 365 APP, and I knew what was

happening at home the first time, and immediately checked it in real time.

Remote Monitoring in Real Time


Always pay attention to the elderly and children

Always pay attention to the elderly and children,When the elderly or children are at home alone, they can remotely view the situation of their relatives through the mobile phone, and control the situation at home anytime, anywhere.


Remotely Care for Pets at Home

Pets have a large space for activities and like to hide in corners.

The smart PTZ camera has a super wide angle,

Can clearly and quickly detect pets hiding in corners.


Real-Time Two-Way Intercom

As Smooth as A Phone Call


7*24 Hours of Uninterrupted Storage

Keeping The Warm Moments of Life

The smart PTZ camera supports local storage, inserting a micro SD card can record and store the video captured in the camera's perspective to the card;At the same time, it supports secure cloud storage, real-time transmission, no need to worry about storage space, automatic looping and uninterrupted recording, and remote visits to view stored videos.

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